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When choosing your residential real estate appraiser, there's no substitute for experience! Dennis Jorgensen & Associates has been doing things right for over 20 years.
    - We're fast, independent and maintain the highest possible standards combined with personalized quality service.
    - We work closely with mortgage companies, homeowners, and buyers.
Trust a local appraiser with all of the tools – technology, experience, quality and service!
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    Dennis Jorgensen & Associates
    1404 W. Mayfield Road, Arlington, TX 76015
    Phone / Voicemail - (817) 467-6483
    Fax – 817 468 8283
Our Services

    We provide a full range of complete and limited appraisal services and a variety of summary and restricted appraisal report formats.
    We find that many of our clients do not require a full appraisal when they are familiar with the property and only need a supported market value estimate.
    Please call or email us if you have any questions concerning the best type of report to meet your needs.

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